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Free AIML Files Animal set

I started my Ai version of myself using Pandorabots & the Rosie base content. If anybody has used this base content, you know the sets included are a little lacking...

Here is rather large collection of animals. It took me a long time to put together and clean up this up ...

* Accuracy not guaranteed, although I tried to be as accurate as I could, I am not an animal expert. So even if any of the animal names are not correct, it's likely your chatbot users will spell it this way anyways. Feel free to add the correct spellings if you fell like looking them all up to verify.

File Name: animal.set

[ ["Aardwolf"], ["Admiral"], ["Adouri"], ["African black crake"], ["African buffalo"], ["African bush squirrel"], ["African clawless otter"], ["African darter"], ["African elephant"], ["African fish eagle"], ["African ground squirrel"], ["African jacana"], ["African lion"], ["African lynx"], ["African pied wagtail"], ["African polecat"], ["African porcupine"], ["African red eyed bulbul"], ["African skink"], ["African snake"], ["African wild cat"], ["African wild dog"], ["Agama lizard"], ["Agile wallaby"], ["Agouti"], ["Albatross"], ["Alligator"], ["Alpaca"], ["Amazon parrot"], ["American Virginia opossum"], ["American alligator"], ["American badger"], ["American beaver"], ["American bighorn sheep"], ["American bison"], ["American black bear"], ["American buffalo"], ["American crow"], ["American marten"], ["American racer"], ["American woodcock"], ["Anaconda"], ["Andean goose"], ["Ant"], ["Anteater"], ["Antechinus"], ["Antelope ground squirrel"], ["Arboral spiny rat"], ["Arctic fox"], ["Arctic ground squirrel"], ["Arctic hare"], ["Arctic lemming"], ["Arctic tern"], ["Argalis"], ["Armadillo"], ["Asian elephant"], ["Asian false vampire bat"], ["Asian foreset tortoise"], ["Asian lion"], ["Asian openbill"], ["Asian red fox"], ["Asian water buffalo"], ["Asian water dragon"], ["Asiatic jackal"], ["Asiatic wild ass"], ["Australian brush turkey"], ["Australian magpie"], ["Australian masked owl"], ["Australian pelican"], ["Australian sea lion"], ["Australian spiny anteater"], ["Avocet"], ["Azaras zorro"], ["Baboon"], ["Badger"], ["Bahama pintail"], ["Bald eagle"], ["Baleen whale"], ["Banded mongoose"], ["Bandicoot"], ["Barasingha deer"], ["Barbet"], ["Barefaced go away bird"], ["Barking gecko"], ["Barrows goldeneye"], ["Bat"], ["Bat eared fox"], ["Bateleur eagle"], ["Bear"], ["Beaver"], ["Bee eater"], ["Beisa oryx"], ["Bengal vulture"], ["Bennetts wallaby"], ["Bent toed gecko"], ["Bettong"], ["Bird"], ["Bison"], ["Black and white colobus"], ["Black bear"], ["Black curlew"], ["Black kite"], ["Black rhinoceros"], ["Black spider monkey"], ["Black swan"], ["Black vulture"], ["Black backed jackal"], ["Black backed magpie"], ["Black capped capuchin"], ["Black capped chickadee"], ["Black cheeked waxbill"], ["Black collared barbet"], ["Black crowned crane"], ["Black crowned night heron"], ["Black eyed bulbul"], ["Black faced kangaroo"], ["Black footed ferret"], ["Black fronted bulbul"], ["Black necked stork"], ["Black tailed deer"], ["Black tailed prairie dog"], ["Black tailed tree creeper"], ["Black throated butcher bird"], ["Black throated cardinal"], ["Black winged stilt"], ["Blackbird"], ["Blackbuck"], ["Blackish oystercatcher"], ["Blacksmith plover"], ["Bleeding heart monkey"], ["Blesbok"], ["Bleu"], ["Blue and gold macaw"], ["Blue and yellow macaw"], ["Blue catfish"], ["Blue crane"], ["Blue duck"], ["Blue fox"], ["Blue peacock"], ["Blue racer"], ["Blue shark"], ["Blue waxbill"], ["Blue wildebeest"], ["Blue breasted cordon bleu"], ["Blue faced booby"], ["Blue footed booby"], ["Blue tongued lizard"], ["Blue tongued skink"], ["Boa"], ["Boar"], ["Boat billed heron"], ["Bobcat"], ["Bohor reedbuck"], ["Bonnet macaque"], ["Bontebok"], ["Booby"], ["Bottle nose dolphin"], ["Boubou"], ["Brazilian otter"], ["Brazilian tapir"], ["Brindled gnu"], ["Brocket"], ["Brolga crane"], ["Brown and yellow marshbird"], ["Brown antechinus"], ["Brown brocket"], ["Brown capuchin"], ["Brown hyena"], ["Brown lemur"], ["Brown pelican"], ["Brush tailed bettong"], ["Brush tailed phascogale"], ["Brush tailed rat kangaroo"], ["Buffalo"], ["Bulbul"], ["Bunting"], ["Burchells gonolek"], ["Burmese black mountain tortoise"], ["Burrowing owl"], ["Bush dog"], ["Bushbaby"], ["Bushbuck"], ["Bushpig"], ["Bustard"], ["Butterfly"], ["Buttermilk snake"], ["Caiman"], ["California sea lion"], ["Camel"], ["Campo flicker"], ["Canada goose"], ["Canadian river otter"], ["Canadian tiger swallowtail butterfly"], ["Cape Barren goose"], ["Cape clawless otter"], ["Cape cobra"], ["Cape fox"], ["Cape raven"], ["Cape starling"], ["Cape white eye"], ["Cape wild cat"], ["Capuchin"], ["Capybara"], ["Caracal"], ["Caracara"], ["Cardinal"], ["Caribou"], ["Carmine bee eater"], ["Carpet python"], ["Carpet snake"], ["Cat"], ["Catfish"], ["Cattle egret"], ["Cereopsis goose"], ["Chacma baboon"], ["Chameleon"], ["Cheetah"], ["Chestnut weaver"], ["Chickadee"], ["Chilean flamingo"], ["Chimpanzee"], ["Chipmunk"], ["Chital"], ["Chuckwalla"], ["Civet"], ["Civet cat"], ["Clarks nutcracker"], ["Cliffchat"], ["Coatimundi"], ["Cobra"], ["Cockatoo"], ["Cokes hartebeest"], ["Collared lemming"], ["Collared lizard"], ["Collared peccary"], ["Colobus"], ["Columbian rainbow boa"], ["Comb duck"], ["Common boubou shrike"], ["Common brushtail possum"], ["Common dolphin"], ["Common duiker"], ["Common eland"], ["Common genet"], ["Common goldeneye"], ["Common green iguana"], ["Common grenadier"], ["Common langur"], ["Common long nosed armadillo"], ["Common melba finch"], ["Common mynah"], ["Common nighthawk"], ["Common palm civet"], ["Common pheasant"], ["Common raccoon"], ["Common rhea"], ["Common ringtail"], ["Common seal"], ["Common shelduck"], ["Common turkey"], ["Common wallaroo"], ["Common waterbuck"], ["Common wolf"], ["Common wombat"], ["Common zebra"], ["Common zorro"], ["Boa Constrictor"], ["Constrictor"], ["Cooks tree boa"], ["Coot"], ["Coqui francolin"], ["Coqui partridge"], ["Corella"], ["Cormorant"], ["Cottonmouth"], ["Cougar"], ["Cow"], ["Coyote"], ["Crab"], ["Crab"], ["Crabeating fox"], ["Crabeating raccoon"], ["Crake"], ["Crane"], ["Creeper"], ["Crested barbet"], ["Crested bunting"], ["Crested porcupine"], ["Crested screamer"], ["Crimson breasted shrike"], ["Crocodile"], ["Crow"], ["Crown of thorns starfish"], ["Crowned eagle"], ["Crowned hawk eagle"], ["Cuis"], ["Curlew"], ["Currasow"], ["Curve billed thrasher"], ["Dabchick"], ["Dama wallaby"], ["Dark winged trumpeter"], ["Darter"], ["Darwin ground finch"], ["Dassie"], ["Deer"], ["Defassa waterbuck"], ["Denhams bustard"], ["Desert kangaroo rat"], ["Desert spiny lizard"], ["Desert tortoise"], ["Dik"], ["Dingo"], ["Dog"], ["Dolphin"], ["Dove"], ["Downy woodpecker"], ["Dragonfly"], ["Dromedary camel"], ["Drongo"], ["Duck"], ["Duiker"], ["Dunnart"], ["Dusky gull"], ["Dusky rattlesnake"], ["Eagle owl"], ["Eagle"], ["Eastern boa constrictor"], ["Eastern box turtle"], ["Eastern cottontail rabbit"], ["Eastern diamondback rattlesnake"], ["Eastern dwarf mongoose"], ["Eastern fox squirrel"], ["Eastern grey kangaroo"], ["Eastern indigo snake"], ["Eastern quoll"], ["Eastern white pelican"], ["Echidna"], ["Egret"], ["Egyptian cobra"], ["Egyptian goose"], ["Egyptian viper"], ["Egyptian vulture"], ["Eland"], ["Elegant crested tinamou"], ["Elephant"], ["Eleven banded armadillo"], ["Elk"], ["Emerald green tree boa"], ["Emerald spotted wood dove"], ["Emu"], ["Eurasian badger"], ["Eurasian beaver"], ["Eurasian hoopoe"], ["Eurasian red squirrel"], ["Euro wallaby"], ["European badger"], ["European beaver"], ["European red squirrel"], ["European shelduck"], ["European spoonbill"], ["European stork"], ["European wild cat"], ["Fairy penguin"], ["Falcon"], ["Fat tailed dunnart"], ["Feathertail glider"], ["Feral rock pigeon"], ["Ferret"], ["Ferruginous hawk"], ["Field flicker"], ["Finch"], ["Fisher"], ["Flamingo"], ["Flicker"], ["Flightless cormorant"], ["Flycatcher"], ["Flying fox"], ["Fork tailed drongo"], ["Four horned antelope"], ["Four spotted skimmer"], ["Four striped grass mouse"], ["Fowl"], ["Fox"], ["Francolin"], ["Frilled dragon"], ["Frilled lizard"], ["Fringe eared oryx"], ["Frog"], ["Frogmouth"], ["Galah"], ["Galapagos albatross"], ["Galapagos dove"], ["Galapagos hawk"], ["Galapagos mockingbird"], ["Galapagos penguin"], ["Galapagos sea lion"], ["Galapagos tortoise"], ["Gambels quail"], ["Gaur"], ["Gazelle"], ["Gazer"], ["Gecko"], ["Gelada baboon"], ["Gemsbok"], ["Genet"], ["Genet"], ["Genoveva"], ["Gerbil"], ["Gerenuk"], ["Giant anteater"], ["Giant armadillo"], ["Giant girdled lizard"], ["Giant heron"], ["Giant otter"], ["Gila monster"], ["Giraffe"], ["Glider"], ["Glider"], ["Glossy ibis"], ["Glossy starling"], ["Gnu"], ["Goanna lizard"], ["Goat"], ["Godwit"], ["Golden brush tailed possum"], ["Golden eagle"], ["Golden jackal"], ["Golden mantled ground squirrel"], ["Goldeneye"], ["Goldeneye"], ["Goliath heron"], ["Gonolek"], ["Goose"], ["Gorillad"], ["Grants gazelle"], ["Gray duiker"], ["Gray heron"], ["Gray langur"], ["Gray rhea"], ["Great cormorant"], ["Great egret"], ["Great horned owl"], ["Great kiskadee"], ["Great skua"], ["Great white pelican"], ["Greater adjutant stork"], ["Greater blue eared starling"], ["Greater flamingo"], ["Greater kudu"], ["Greater rhea"], ["Greater roadrunner"], ["Greater sage grouse"], ["Grebe"], ["Green heron"], ["Green vine snake"], ["Green backed heron"], ["Green winged macaw"], ["Green winged trumpeter"], ["Grenadier"], ["Grey fox"], ["Grey heron"], ["Grey lourie"], ["Grey mouse lemur"], ["Grey phalarope"], ["Grey footed squirrel"], ["Greylag goose"], ["Griffon vulture"], ["Grison"], ["Grizzly bear"], ["Ground legaan"], ["Ground monitor"], ["Groundhog"], ["Grouse"], ["Guanaco"], ["Guerza"], ["Gull"], ["Hanuman langur"], ["Harbor seal"], ["Hare"], ["Hartebeest"], ["Hawk"], ["Hedgehog"], ["Helmeted guinea fowl"], ["Hen"], ["Heron"], ["Herring gull"], ["Hippopotamus"], ["Hoary marmot"], ["Hoffmans sloth"], ["Honey badger"], ["Hoopoe"], ["Hornbill"], ["Horned lark"], ["Horned puffin"], ["Horned rattlesnake"], ["Hottentot teal"], ["House crow"], ["House sparrow"], ["Hudsonian godwit"], ["Hummingbird"], ["Huron"], ["Hyena"], ["Hyrax"], ["Ibex"], ["Ibis"], ["Iguana"], ["Impala"], ["Indian giant squirrel"], ["Indian jackal"], ["Indian leopard"], ["Indian mynah"], ["Indian peacock"], ["Indian porcupine"], ["Indian red admiral"], ["Indian star tortoise"], ["Indian tree pie"], ["insect"], ["Jabiru stork"], ["Jacana"], ["Jackal"], ["Jackrabbit"], ["jaeger"], ["Jaguar"], ["Jaguarundi"], ["Japanese macaque"], ["Javan gold spotted mongoose"], ["Javanese cormorant"], ["Jungle cat"], ["Jungle kangaroo"], ["Kaffir cat"], ["Kafue flats lechwe"], ["Kalahari scrub robin"], ["Kangaroo"], ["Kelp gull"], ["Killer whale"], ["King cormorant"], ["King vulture"], ["Kingfisher"], ["Kinkajou"], ["Kirks dik dik"], ["Kiskadee"], ["Kite"], ["Klipspringer"], ["Knob nosed goose"], ["Koala"], ["Komodo dragon"], ["Kongoni"], ["Kookaburra"], ["Kori bustard"], ["Kudu"], ["Land iguana"], ["Langur"], ["Lappet faced vulture"], ["Lapwing"], ["Large cormorant"], ["Large eared bushbaby"], ["Lark"], ["Laughing dove"], ["Laughing kookaburra"], ["Lava gull"], ["Leadbeateris ground hornbill"], ["Least chipmunk"], ["Lechwe"], ["Legaan"], ["Lemming"], ["Lemur"], ["Leopard"], ["Lesser double collared sunbird"], ["Lesser flamingo"], ["Lesser masked weaver"], ["Lesser mouse lemur"], ["Levaillants barbet"], ["Lilac breasted roller"], ["Lily trotter"], ["Lion"], ["Little blue penguin"], ["Little brown bat"], ["Little brown dove"], ["Little cormorant"], ["Little grebe"], ["Little heron"], ["Lizard"], ["Llama"], ["Long billed cockatoo"], ["Long billed corella"], ["Long crested hawk eagle"], ["Long finned pilot whale"], ["Long necked turtle"], ["Long nosed bandicoot"], ["Long tailed jaeger"], ["Long tailed skua"], ["Long tailed spotted cat"], ["Lorikeet"], ["Loris"], ["Lory"], ["Lourie"], ["Lynx"], ["Macaque"], ["Macaw"], ["Madagascar fruit bat"], ["Madagascar hawk owl"], ["Magellanic penguin"], ["Magistrate black colobus"], ["Magnificent frigate bird"], ["Magpie"], ["Malabar squirrel"], ["Malachite kingfisher"], ["Malagasy ground boa"], ["Malay squirrel"], ["Mallard"], ["Malleefowl"], ["Manatee"], ["Mandras tree shrew"], ["Mara"], ["Marabou stork"], ["Margay"], ["Marine iguana"], ["Marmot"], ["Marshbird"], ["Marten"], ["Masked booby"], ["Meerkat"], ["Mexican beaded lizard"], ["Mexican boa"], ["Mexican wolf"], ["Miners cat"], ["Mississippi alligator"], ["Moccasin"], ["Mocking cliffchat"], ["Mockingbird"], ["Mongoose"], ["Monitor lizard"], ["Monitor"], ["Monkey"], ["Gila Monster"], ["Moorhen"], ["Moose"], ["Mouflon"], ["Mountain duck"], ["Mountain goat"], ["Mountain lion"], ["Mourning collared dove"], ["Mouse"], ["Mudskipper"], ["Mule deer"], ["Musk ox"], ["Mynah"], ["Native cat"], ["Nelson ground squirrel"], ["Neotropic cormorant"], ["Netted rock dragon"], ["Nighthawk"], ["Nile crocodile"], ["Nilgai"], ["Nine banded armadillo"], ["North American beaver"], ["North American porcupine"], ["North American red fox"], ["North American river otter"], ["Northern elephant seal"], ["Northern fur seal"], ["Northern phalarope"], ["Nubian bee eater"], ["Numbat"], ["Nutcracker"], ["Nuthatch"], ["Nyala"], ["Ocelot"], ["Old world fruit bat"], ["Olive baboon"], ["Onager"], ["Openbill stork"], ["Openbill"], ["Opossum"], ["Orca"], ["Oribi"], ["Oriental short clawed otter"], ["Oriental white backed vulture"], ["Ornate rock dragon"], ["Oryx"], ["Osprey"], ["Ostrich"], ["Otter"], ["Ovenbird"], ["Owl"], ["Ox"], ["Oystercatcher"], ["Paca"], ["Pacific gull"], ["Paddy heron"], ["Pademelon"], ["Painted stork"], ["Pale white eye"], ["Pale throated three toed sloth"], ["Pallass fish eagle"], ["Palm squirrel"], ["Pampa gray fox"], ["Paradoxure"], ["Parakeet"], ["Parrot"], ["Partridge"], ["Peacock"], ["Peccary"], ["Pelican"], ["Penguin"], ["Peregrine falcon"], ["Phalarope"], ["Phascogale"], ["Pheasant"], ["Pie"], ["Pied avocet"], ["Pied butcher bird"], ["Pied cormorant"], ["Pied crow"], ["Pied kingfisher"], ["Pig tailed macaque"], ["Pigeon"], ["Pine siskin"], ["Pine snake"], ["Pine squirrel"], ["Pintail"], ["Plains zebra"], ["Platypus"], ["Plover"], ["Pocket gopher"], ["Polar bear"], ["Polecat"], ["Porcupine"], ["Possum"], ["Potoroo"], ["Prairie falcon"], ["Praying mantis"], ["Prehensile tailed porcupine"], ["Pronghorn"], ["Puffin"], ["Puku"], ["Puma"], ["Puna ibis"], ["Purple grenadier"], ["Purple moorhen"], ["Pygmy possum"], ["Python"], ["Quail"], ["Rabbit"], ["Raccoon dog"], ["Raccoon"], ["Racer snake"], ["Racer"], ["Radiated tortoise"], ["Rainbow lory"], ["Rat"], ["Rattlesnake"], ["Raven"], ["Red and blue macaw"], ["Red brocket"], ["Red deer"], ["Red hartebeest"], ["Red howler monkey"], ["Red kangaroo"], ["Red lava crab"], ["Red meerkat"], ["Red phalarope"], ["Red sheep"], ["Red squirrel"], ["Red billed buffalo weaver"], ["Red billed hornbill"], ["Red billed toucan"], ["Red billed tropic bird"], ["Red breasted cockatoo"], ["Red breasted nuthatch"], ["Red capped cardinal"], ["Red cheeked cordon bleu"], ["Red headed woodpecker"], ["Red knobbed coot"], ["Red legged pademelon"], ["Red necked phalarope"], ["Red necked wallaby"], ["Red shouldered glossy starling"], ["Red tailed cockatoo"], ["Red tailed hawk"], ["Red tailed phascogale"], ["Red tailed wambenger"], ["Red winged blackbird"], ["Red winged hawk"], ["Reedbuck"], ["Reindeer"], ["Rhea"], ["Rhesus macaque"], ["Rhesus monkey"], ["Rhinoceros"], ["Richardsons ground squirrel"], ["Ring dove"], ["Ring necked pheasant"], ["Ring tailed coatimundi"], ["Ring tailed gecko"], ["Ring tailed lemur"], ["Ring tailed possum"], ["Ringtail"], ["Ringtail cat"], ["River wallaby"], ["Roadrunner"], ["Roan antelope"], ["Robin"], ["Rock dove"], ["Roe deer"], ["Roller"], ["Rose ringed parakeet"], ["Roseat flamingo"], ["Roseate cockatoo"], ["Royal tern"], ["Rufous tree pie"], ["Rufous collared sparrow"], ["Russian dragonfly"], ["Sable antelope"], ["Sacred ibis"], ["Saddle billed stork"], ["Sage grouse"], ["Sage hen"], ["Sally lightfoot crab"], ["Salmon pink bird eater tarantula"], ["Salmon"], ["Sambar"], ["Sandgrouse"], ["Sandhill crane"], ["Sandpiper"], ["Sarus crane"], ["Savanna baboon"], ["Savanna fox"], ["Savannah deer"], ["Scaly breasted lorikeet"], ["Scarlet macaw"], ["Scottish highland cow"], ["Screamer"], ["Seal"], ["Secretary bird"], ["Serval"], ["Seven banded armadillo"], ["Shark"], ["Sheathbill"], ["Sheep"], ["Shelduck"], ["Short beaked echidna"], ["Short nosed bandicoot"], ["Shrew"], ["Shrike"], ["Sidewinder"], ["Sifaka"], ["Silver gull"], ["Silver backed fox"], ["Silver backed jackal"], ["Siskin"], ["Skimmer"], ["Skink"], ["Skuat"], ["Skunk"], ["Slender loris"], ["Slender billed cockatoo"], ["Sloth bear"], ["Sloth"], ["Small Indian mongoose"], ["Small clawed otter"], ["Small spotted genet"], ["Small toothed palm civet"], ["Smiths bush squirrel"], ["Snake"], ["Snake necked turtle"], ["Snow goose"], ["Snowy egret"], ["Snowy owl"], ["Snowy sheathbill"], ["Sociable weaver"], ["Sockeye salmon"], ["South African hedgehog"], ["South American meadowlark"], ["South American puma"], ["South American sea lion"], ["Southern black backed gull"], ["Southern boubou"], ["Southern brown bandicoot"], ["Southern elephant seal"], ["Southern ground hornbill"], ["Southern hairy nosed wombat"], ["Southern lapwing"], ["Southern right whale"], ["Southern screamer"], ["Southern sea lion"], ["Southern tamandua"], ["Southern white crowned shrike"], ["Sparrow"], ["Spectacled caiman"], ["Spider"], ["Spoonbill"], ["Sportive lemur"], ["Spotted deer"], ["Spotted hyena"], ["Spotted wood sandpiper"], ["Spotted tailed quoll"], ["Springbok"], ["Springbuck"], ["Springhare"], ["Spur winged goose"], ["Spurfowl"], ["Square lipped rhinoceros"], ["Squirrel glider"], ["Squirrel"], ["Stanley bustard"], ["Stanley crane"], ["Starfish"], ["Starling"], ["Steenbok"], ["Steenbuck"], ["Steller sea lion"], ["Stellers sea lion"], ["Stick insect"], ["Stick bug"], ["Stilt"], ["Stone sheep"], ["Stork"], ["Striated heron"], ["Striped dolphin"], ["Striped hyena"], ["Striped skunk"], ["Sugar glider"], ["Sulfur crested cockatoo"], ["Sun gazer"], ["Sunbird"], ["Sungazer"], ["Superb starling"], ["Suricate"], ["Swainsons francolin"], ["Swallow"], ["Swallow tail gull"], ["Swamp deer"], ["Swan"], ["Tailless tenrec"], ["Tamandua"], ["Tammar wallaby"], ["Tapir"], ["Tarantula"], ["Tasmanian devil"], ["Tawny eagle"], ["Tawny frogmouth"], ["Tayra"], ["Teal"], ["Tenrec"], ["Tern"], ["Thirteen lined squirrel"], ["Thomsons gazelle"], ["Thrasher"], ["Three banded plover"], ["Tiger"], ["Tiger cat"], ["Tiger snake"], ["Timber wolf"], ["Tinamou"], ["Toddy cat"], ["Tokay gecko"], ["Topi"], ["Tortoise"], ["Toucan"], ["Tree porcupine"], ["Tropical buckeye butterfly"], ["Trotter"], ["Trumpeter swan"], ["Trumpeter"], ["Tsessebe"], ["Turaco"], ["Turkey vulture"], ["Turtle"], ["Two banded monitor"], ["Two toed sloth"], ["Two toed tree sloth"], ["Tyrant flycatcher"], ["Uinta ground squirrel"], ["Urial"], ["Verreauxs sifaka"], ["Vervet monkey"], ["Vicuna"], ["Vine snake"], ["Violet crested turaco"], ["Violet eared waxbill"], ["Viper"], ["Vulture"], ["Wagtail"], ["Wallaby"], ["Wallaroo"], ["Wambenger"], ["Wapiti elk"], ["Warthog"], ["Water legaan"], ["Water moccasin"], ["Water monitor"], ["Waterbuck"], ["Wattled crane"], ["Waved albatross"], ["Waxbill"], ["Weaver"], ["Weeper capuchin"], ["Western bearded dragon"], ["Western grey kangaroo"], ["Western lowland gorilla"], ["Western palm tanager"], ["Western patch nosed snake"], ["Western pygmy possum"], ["Western spotted skunk"], ["Whale"], ["Killer Whale"], ["Whip tailed wallaby"], ["White rhinoceros"], ["White spoonbill"], ["White stork"], ["White bellied sea eagle"], ["White browed owl"], ["White browed sparrow weaver"], ["White cheeked pintail"], ["White eye"], ["White faced tree rat"], ["White faced whistling duck"], ["White fronted bee eater"], ["White fronted capuchin"], ["White headed vulture"], ["White lipped peccary"], ["White mantled colobus"], ["White necked raven"], ["White necked stork"], ["White nosed coatimundi"], ["White rumped vulture"], ["White tailed deer"], ["White tailed jackrabbit"], ["White throated kingfisher"], ["White throated monitor"], ["White throated robin"], ["White throated toucan"], ["White winged black tern"], ["White winged dove"], ["White winged tern"], ["Wild boar"], ["Wild turkey"], ["Wild water buffalo"], ["Wildebeest"], ["Wolf spider"], ["Wolf"], ["Wombat"], ["Wood pigeon"], ["Woodchuck"], ["Woodcock"], ["Woodpecker"], ["Woodrat"], ["Woolly necked stork"], ["Worm snake"], ["Woylie"], ["Yak"], ["Yellow baboon"], ["Yellow mongoose"], ["Yellow bellied marmot"], ["Yellow billed hornbill"], ["Yellow billed stork"], ["Yellow brown sungazer"], ["Yellow crowned night heron"], ["Yellow headed caracara"], ["Yellow necked spurfowl"], ["Yellow rumped siskin"], ["Yellow throated sandgrouse"], ["Zebra"], ["Zorilla"], ["Zorro"] ]