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Free AIML Files Animals set (plural)

I started my Ai version of myself using Pandorabots & the Rosie base content. If anybody has used this base content, you know the sets included are a little lacking...

Here is rather large collection of animals in the plural form. It took me a long time to put together and clean up this up ...

* Accuracy not guaranteed, although I tried to be as accurate as I could, I am not an animal expert. I created what IO thought was the most logical plureal version. So evemn if it ios mot coprrect, it's likely your chatbot users will spell it this way anyways. Feel free to add the correct spellings if you fell like looking them all up to verify. Have fun with that.

File Name: animals.set

[ ["Aardwolves"], ["Admirals"], ["Adouris"], ["African black crakes"], ["African buffalo"], ["African bush squirrels"], ["African clawless otters"], ["African darters"], ["African elephants"], ["African fish eagles"], ["African ground squirrels"], ["African jacanas"], ["African lions"], ["African lynxes"], ["African pied wagtails"], ["African polecats"], ["African porcupines"], ["African red eyed bulbuls"], ["African skinks"], ["African snakes"], ["African wild cats"], ["African wild dogs"], ["Agama lizards"], ["Agile wallabies"], ["Agoutis"], ["Albatrosses"], ["Alligators"], ["Alpacas"], ["Amazon parrots"], ["American Virginia opossums"], ["American alligators"], ["American badgers"], ["American beavers"], ["American bighorn sheep"], ["American bison"], ["American black bears"], ["American buffalo"], ["American crows"], ["American martens"], ["American racers"], ["American woodcocks"], ["Anacondas"], ["Andean geese"], ["Ants"], ["Anteaters"], ["Antechinuses"], ["Antelope ground squirrels"], ["Arboral spiny rats"], ["Arctic foxes"], ["Arctic ground squirrels"], ["Arctic hares"], ["Arctic lemmings"], ["Arctic terns"], ["Argalis"], ["Armadillos"], ["Asian elephants"], ["Asian false vampire bats"], ["Asian foreset tortoises"], ["Asian lions"], ["Asian openbills"], ["Asian red foxs"], ["Asian water buffalos"], ["Asian water dragons"], ["Asiatic jackals"], ["Asiatic wild asses"], ["Australian brush turkeys"], ["Australian magpies"], ["Australian masked owls"], ["Australian pelicans"], ["Australian sea lions"], ["Australian spiny anteaters"], ["Avocets"], ["Azaras zorros"], ["Baboons"], ["Badgers"], ["Bahama pintails"], ["Bald eagles"], ["Baleen whales"], ["Banded mongooses"], ["Bandicoots"], ["Barasingha deer"], ["Barbets"], ["Barefaced go away birds"], ["Barking geckos"], ["Barrows goldeneyes"], ["Bats"], ["Bat eared foxs"], ["Bateleur eagles"], ["Bears"], ["Beavers"], ["Bee eaters"], ["Beisa oryxs"], ["Bengal vultures"], ["Bennetts wallabies"], ["Bent toed geckos"], ["Bettongs"], ["Birds"], ["Bisons"], ["Black and white colobuses"], ["Black bears"], ["Black curlews"], ["Black kites"], ["Black rhinoceroses"], ["Black spider monkeys"], ["Black swans"], ["Black vultures"], ["Black backed jackals"], ["Black backed magpies"], ["Black capped capuchins"], ["Black capped chickadees"], ["Black cheeked waxbills"], ["Black collared barbets"], ["Black crowned cranes"], ["Black crowned night herons"], ["Black eyed bulbuls"], ["Black faced kangaroos"], ["Black footed ferrets"], ["Black fronted bulbuls"], ["Black necked storks"], ["Black tailed deer"], ["Black tailed prairie dogs"], ["Black tailed tree creepers"], ["Black throated butcher birds"], ["Black throated cardinals"], ["Black winged stilts"], ["Blackbirds"], ["Blackbucks"], ["Blackish oystercatchers"], ["Blacksmith plovers"], ["Bleeding heart monkeys"], ["Blesboks"], ["Bleus"], ["Blue and gold macaws"], ["Blue and yellow macaws"], ["Blue catfish"], ["Blue cranes"], ["Blue ducks"], ["Blue foxes"], ["Blue peacocks"], ["Blue racers"], ["Blue sharks"], ["Blue waxbills"], ["Blue wildebeests"], ["Blue breasted cordon bleus"], ["Blue faced boobies"], ["Blue footed boobies"], ["Blue tongued lizards"], ["Blue tongued skinks"], ["Boas"], ["Boars"], ["Boat billed herons"], ["Bobcats"], ["Bohor reedbucks"], ["Bonnet macaques"], ["Bonteboks"], ["Boobys"], ["Bottle nose dolphins"], ["Boubous"], ["Brazilian otters"], ["Brazilian tapirs"], ["Brindled gnus"], ["Brockets"], ["Brolga cranes"], ["Brown and yellow marshbirds"], ["Brown antechinuss"], ["Brown brockets"], ["Brown capuchins"], ["Brown hyenas"], ["Brown lemurs"], ["Brown pelicans"], ["Brush tailed bettongs"], ["Brush tailed phascogales"], ["Brush tailed rat kangaroos"], ["Buffalos"], ["Bulbuls"], ["Buntings"], ["Burchells gonoleks"], ["Burmese black mountain tortoises"], ["Burrowing owls"], ["Bush dogs"], ["Bushbabys"], ["Bushbucks"], ["Bushpigs"], ["Bustards"], ["Butterflys"], ["Buttermilk snakes"], ["Caimans"], ["California sea lions"], ["Camels"], ["Campo flickers"], ["Canada geese"], ["Canadian river otters"], ["Canadian tiger swallowtail butterflies"], ["Cape Barren geese"], ["Cape clawless otters"], ["Cape cobras"], ["Cape foxes"], ["Cape ravens"], ["Cape starlings"], ["Cape white eyes"], ["Cape wild cats"], ["Capuchins"], ["Capybaras"], ["Caracals"], ["Caracaras"], ["Cardinals"], ["Caribou"], ["Carmine bee eaters"], ["Carpet pythons"], ["Carpet snakes"], ["Cats"], ["Catfishs"], ["Cattle egrets"], ["Cereopsis geese"], ["Chacma baboons"], ["Chameleons"], ["Cheetahs"], ["Chestnut weavers"], ["Chickadees"], ["Chilean flamingos"], ["Chimpanzees"], ["Chipmunks"], ["Chitals"], ["Chuckwallas"], ["Civets"], ["Civet cats"], ["Clarks nutcrackers"], ["Cliffchats"], ["Coatimundis"], ["Cobras"], ["Cockatoos"], ["Cokes hartebeests"], ["Collared lemmings"], ["Collared lizards"], ["Collared peccarys"], ["Colobuses"], ["Columbian rainbow boas"], ["Comb ducks"], ["Common boubou shrikes"], ["Common brushtail possums"], ["Common dolphins"], ["Common duikers"], ["Common elands"], ["Common genets"], ["Common goldeneyes"], ["Common green iguanas"], ["Common grenadiers"], ["Common langurs"], ["Common long nosed armadillos"], ["Common melba finchs"], ["Common mynahs"], ["Common nighthawks"], ["Common palm civets"], ["Common pheasants"], ["Common raccoons"], ["Common rheas"], ["Common ringtails"], ["Common seals"], ["Common shelducks"], ["Common turkeys"], ["Common wallaroos"], ["Common waterbucks"], ["Common wolves"], ["Common wombats"], ["Common zebras"], ["Common zorros"], ["Boa Constrictors"], ["Constrictors"], ["Cooks tree boas"], ["Coots"], ["Coqui francolins"], ["Coqui partridges"], ["Corellas"], ["Cormorants"], ["Cottonmouths"], ["Cougars"], ["Cows"], ["Coyotes"], ["Crabs"], ["Crabs"], ["Crabeating foxes"], ["Crabeating raccoons"], ["Crakes"], ["Cranes"], ["Creepers"], ["Crested barbets"], ["Crested buntings"], ["Crested porcupines"], ["Crested screamers"], ["Crimson breasted shrikes"], ["Crocodiles"], ["Crows"], ["Crown of thorns starfish"], ["Crowned eagles"], ["Crowned hawk eagles"], ["Cuises"], ["Curlews"], ["Currasows"], ["Curve billed thrashers"], ["Dabchicks"], ["Dama wallabys"], ["Dark winged trumpeters"], ["Darters"], ["Darwin ground finches"], ["Dassies"], ["Deer"], ["Defassa waterbucks"], ["Denhams bustards"], ["Desert kangaroo rats"], ["Desert spiny lizards"], ["Desert tortoises"], ["Diks"], ["Dingos"], ["Dogs"], ["Dolphins"], ["Doves"], ["Downy woodpeckers"], ["Dragonflies"], ["Dragonflys"], ["Dromedary camels"], ["Drongos"], ["Ducks"], ["Duikers"], ["Dunnarts"], ["Dusky gulls"], ["Dusky rattlesnakes"], ["Eagle owls"], ["Eagles"], ["Eastern boa constrictors"], ["Eastern box turtles"], ["Eastern cottontail rabbits"], ["Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes"], ["Eastern dwarf mongooses"], ["Eastern fox squirrels"], ["Eastern grey kangaroos"], ["Eastern indigo snakes"], ["Eastern quolls"], ["Eastern white pelicans"], ["Echidnas"], ["Egrets"], ["Egyptian cobras"], ["Egyptian gooses"], ["Egyptian vipers"], ["Egyptian vultures"], ["Elands"], ["Elegant crested tinamous"], ["Elephants"], ["Eleven banded armadillos"], ["Elk"], ["Emerald green tree boas"], ["Emerald spotted wood doves"], ["Emus"], ["Eurasian badgers"], ["Eurasian beavers"], ["Eurasian hoopoes"], ["Eurasian red squirrels"], ["Euro wallabiess"], ["European badgers"], ["European beavers"], ["European red squirrels"], ["European shelducks"], ["European spoonbills"], ["European storks"], ["European wild cats"], ["Fairy penguins"], ["Falcons"], ["Fat tailed dunnarts"], ["Feathertail gliders"], ["Feral rock pigeons"], ["Ferrets"], ["Ferruginous hawks"], ["Field flickers"], ["Finchs"], ["Fishers"], ["Flamingos"], ["Flickers"], ["Flightless cormorants"], ["Flycatchers"], ["Flying foxes"], ["Fork tailed drongos"], ["Four horned antelope"], ["Four spotted skimmers"], ["Four striped grass mice"], ["Fowls"], ["Foxes"], ["Francolins"], ["Frilled dragons"], ["Frilled lizards"], ["Fringe eared oryxs"], ["Frogs"], ["Frogmouths"], ["Galahs"], ["Galapagos albatrosses"], ["Galapagos doves"], ["Galapagos hawks"], ["Galapagos mockingbirds"], ["Galapagos penguins"], ["Galapagos sea lions"], ["Galapagos tortoises"], ["Gambels quails"], ["Gaurs"], ["Gazelles"], ["Gazers"], ["Geckos"], ["Gelada baboons"], ["Gemsboks"], ["Genets"], ["Genovevas"], ["Gerbils"], ["Gerenuks"], ["Giant anteaters"], ["Giant armadillos"], ["Giant girdled lizards"], ["Giant herons"], ["Giant otters"], ["Gila monsters"], ["Giraffes"], ["Gliders"], ["Gliders"], ["Glossy ibises"], ["Glossy starlings"], ["Gnus"], ["Goanna lizards"], ["Goats"], ["Godwits"], ["Golden brush tailed possums"], ["Golden eagles"], ["Golden jackals"], ["Golden mantled ground squirrels"], ["Goldeneyes"], ["Goldeneyes"], ["Goliath herons"], ["Gonoleks"], ["Gooses"], ["Gorillads"], ["Grants gazelles"], ["Gray duikers"], ["Gray herons"], ["Gray langurs"], ["Gray rheas"], ["Great cormorants"], ["Great egrets"], ["Great horned owls"], ["Great kiskadees"], ["Great skuas"], ["Great white pelicans"], ["Greater adjutant storks"], ["Greater blue eared starlings"], ["Greater flamingos"], ["Greater kudus"], ["Greater rheas"], ["Greater roadrunners"], ["Greater sage grouse"], ["Grebes"], ["Green herons"], ["Green vine snakes"], ["Green backed herons"], ["Green winged macaws"], ["Green winged trumpeters"], ["Grenadiers"], ["Grey foxs"], ["Grey herons"], ["Grey louries"], ["Grey mouse lemurs"], ["Grey phalaropes"], ["Grey footed squirrels"], ["Greylag geese"], ["Griffon vultures"], ["Grisons"], ["Grizzly bears"], ["Ground legaans"], ["Ground monitors"], ["Groundhogs"], ["Grous"], ["Guanacos"], ["Guerzas"], ["Gulls"], ["Hanuman langurs"], ["Harbor seals"], ["Hares"], ["Hartebeests"], ["Hawks"], ["Hedgehogs"], ["Helmeted guinea fowls"], ["Hens"], ["Herons"], ["Herring gulls"], ["Hippopotamuses"], ["Hoary marmots"], ["Hoffmans sloths"], ["Honey badgers"], ["Hoopoes"], ["Hornbills"], ["Horned larks"], ["Horned puffins"], ["Horned rattlesnakes"], ["Hottentot teals"], ["House crows"], ["House sparrows"], ["Hudsonian godwits"], ["Hummingbirds"], ["Hurons"], ["Hyenas"], ["Hyraxes"], ["Ibexs"], ["Ibises"], ["Iguanas"], ["Impalas"], ["Indian giant squirrels"], ["Indian jackals"], ["Indian leopards"], ["Indian mynahs"], ["Indian peacocks"], ["Indian porcupines"], ["Indian red admirals"], ["Indian star tortoises"], ["Indian tree pies"], ["insects"], ["Jabiru storks"], ["Jacanas"], ["Jackals"], ["Jackrabbits"], ["jaegers"], ["Jaguars"], ["Jaguarundis"], ["Japanese macaques"], ["Javan gold spotted mongooses"], ["Javanese cormorants"], ["Jungle cats"], ["Jungle kangaroos"], ["Kaffir cats"], ["Kafue flats lechwes"], ["Kalahari scrub robins"], ["Kangaroos"], ["Kelp gulls"], ["Killer whales"], ["King cormorants"], ["King vultures"], ["Kingfishers"], ["Kinkajous"], ["Kirks dik diks"], ["Kiskadees"], ["Kites"], ["Klipspringers"], ["Knob nosed geese"], ["Koalas"], ["Komodo dragons"], ["Kongonis"], ["Kookaburras"], ["Kori bustards"], ["Kudus"], ["Land iguanas"], ["Langurs"], ["Lappet faced vultures"], ["Lapwings"], ["Large cormorants"], ["Large eared bushbabies"], ["Larks"], ["Laughing doves"], ["Laughing kookaburras"], ["Lava gulls"], ["Leadbeateris ground hornbills"], ["Least chipmunks"], ["Lechwes"], ["Legaans"], ["Lemmings"], ["Lemurs"], ["Leopards"], ["Lesser double collared sunbirds"], ["Lesser flamingos"], ["Lesser masked weavers"], ["Lesser mouse lemurs"], ["Levaillants barbets"], ["Lilac breasted rollers"], ["Lily trotters"], ["Lions"], ["Little blue penguins"], ["Little brown bats"], ["Little brown doves"], ["Little cormorants"], ["Little grebes"], ["Little herons"], ["Lizards"], ["Llamas"], ["Long billed cockatoos"], ["Long billed corellas"], ["Long crested hawk eagles"], ["Long finned pilot whales"], ["Long necked turtles"], ["Long nosed bandicoots"], ["Long tailed jaegers"], ["Long tailed skuas"], ["Long tailed spotted cats"], ["Lorikeets"], ["Loris"], ["Lorys"], ["Louries"], ["Lynxes"], ["Macaques"], ["Macaws"], ["Madagascar fruit bats"], ["Madagascar hawk owls"], ["Magellanic penguins"], ["Magistrate black colobuses"], ["Magnificent frigate birds"], ["Magpies"], ["Malabar squirrels"], ["Malachite kingfishers"], ["Malagasy ground boas"], ["Malay squirrels"], ["Mallards"], ["Malleefowls"], ["Manatees"], ["Mandras tree shrews"], ["Maras"], ["Marabou storks"], ["Margays"], ["Marine iguanas"], ["Marmots"], ["Marshbirds"], ["Martens"], ["Masked boobies"], ["Meerkats"], ["Mexican beaded lizards"], ["Mexican boas"], ["Mexican wolves"], ["Miners cats"], ["Mississippi alligators"], ["Moccasins"], ["Mocking cliffchats"], ["Mockingbirds"], ["Mongooses"], ["Monitor lizards"], ["Monitors"], ["Monkeys"], ["Gila Monsters"], ["Moorhens"], ["Moose"], ["Mouflons"], ["Mountain ducks"], ["Mountain goats"], ["Mountain lions"], ["Mourning collared doves"], ["Mice"], ["Mudskippers"], ["Mule deer"], ["Musk ox"], ["Mynahs"], ["Native cats"], ["Nelson ground squirrels"], ["Neotropic cormorants"], ["Netted rock dragons"], ["Nighthawks"], ["Nile crocodiles"], ["Nilgais"], ["Nine banded armadillos"], ["North American beavers"], ["North American porcupines"], ["North American red foxs"], ["North American river otters"], ["Northern elephant seals"], ["Northern fur seals"], ["Northern phalaropes"], ["Nubian bee eaters"], ["Numbats"], ["Nutcrackers"], ["Nuthatchs"], ["Nyalas"], ["Ocelots"], ["Old world fruit bats"], ["Olive baboons"], ["Onagers"], ["Openbill storks"], ["Openbills"], ["Opossums"], ["Orcas"], ["Oribis"], ["Oriental short clawed otters"], ["Oriental white backed vultures"], ["Ornate rock dragons"], ["Oryxes"], ["Ospreys"], ["Ostriches"], ["Otters"], ["Ovenbirds"], ["Owls"], ["Ox"], ["Oystercatchers"], ["Pacas"], ["Pacific gulls"], ["Paddy herons"], ["Pademelons"], ["Painted storks"], ["Pale white eyes"], ["Pale throated three toed sloths"], ["Pallass fish eagles"], ["Palm squirrels"], ["Pampa gray foxes"], ["Paradoxures"], ["Parakeets"], ["Parrots"], ["Partridges"], ["Peacocks"], ["Peccaries"], ["Pelicans"], ["Penguins"], ["Peregrine falcons"], ["Phalaropes"], ["Phascogales"], ["Pheasants"], ["Pies"], ["Pied avocets"], ["Pied butcher birds"], ["Pied cormorants"], ["Pied crows"], ["Pied kingfishers"], ["Pig tailed macaques"], ["Pigeons"], ["Pine siskins"], ["Pine snakes"], ["Pine squirrels"], ["Pintails"], ["Plains zebras"], ["Platypuses"], ["Plovers"], ["Pocket gophers"], ["Polar bears"], ["Polecats"], ["Porcupines"], ["Possums"], ["Potoroos"], ["Prairie falcons"], ["Praying mantises"], ["Prehensile tailed porcupines"], ["Pronghorns"], ["Puffins"], ["Pukus"], ["Pumas"], ["Puna ibises"], ["Purple grenadiers"], ["Purple moorhens"], ["Pygmy possums"], ["Pythons"], ["Quail"], ["Rabbits"], ["Raccoon dogs"], ["Raccoons"], ["Racer snakes"], ["Racers"], ["Radiated tortoises"], ["Rainbow lories"], ["Rats"], ["Rattlesnakes"], ["Ravens"], ["Red and blue macaws"], ["Red brockets"], ["Red deer"], ["Red hartebeests"], ["Red howler monkeys"], ["Red kangaroos"], ["Red lava crabs"], ["Red meerkats"], ["Red phalaropes"], ["Red sheep"], ["Red squirrels"], ["Red billed buffalo weavers"], ["Red billed hornbills"], ["Red billed toucans"], ["Red billed tropic birds"], ["Red breasted cockatoos"], ["Red breasted nuthatchs"], ["Red capped cardinals"], ["Red cheeked cordon bleus"], ["Red headed woodpeckers"], ["Red knobbed coots"], ["Red legged pademelons"], ["Red necked phalaropes"], ["Red necked wallabies"], ["Red shouldered glossy starlings"], ["Red tailed cockatoos"], ["Red tailed hawks"], ["Red tailed phascogales"], ["Red tailed wambengers"], ["Red winged blackbirds"], ["Red winged hawks"], ["Reedbucks"], ["Reindeer"], ["Rheas"], ["Rhesus macaques"], ["Rhesus monkeys"], ["Rhinoceross"], ["Richardsons ground squirrels"], ["Ring doves"], ["Ring necked pheasants"], ["Ring tailed coatimundis"], ["Ring tailed geckos"], ["Ring tailed lemurs"], ["Ring tailed possums"], ["Ringtails"], ["Ringtail cats"], ["River wallabies"], ["Roadrunners"], ["Roan antelope"], ["Robins"], ["Rock doves"], ["Roe deer"], ["Rollers"], ["Rose ringed parakeets"], ["Roseat flamingos"], ["Roseate cockatoos"], ["Royal terns"], ["Rufous tree pies"], ["Rufous collared sparrows"], ["Russian dragonflies"], ["Sable antelopes"], ["Sacred ibises"], ["Saddle billed storks"], ["Sage grouse"], ["Sage hens"], ["Sally lightfoot crabs"], ["Salmon pink bird eater tarantulas"], ["Salmons"], ["Sambars"], ["Sandgrouses"], ["Sandhill cranes"], ["Sandpipers"], ["Sarus cranes"], ["Savanna baboons"], ["Savanna foxes"], ["Savannah deer"], ["Scaly breasted lorikeets"], ["Scarlet macaws"], ["Scottish highland cows"], ["Screamers"], ["Seals"], ["Secretary birds"], ["Servals"], ["Seven banded armadillos"], ["Sharks"], ["Sheathbills"], ["Sheep"], ["Shelducks"], ["Short beaked echidnas"], ["Short nosed bandicoots"], ["Shrews"], ["Shrikes"], ["Sidewinders"], ["Sifakas"], ["Silver gulls"], ["Silver backed foxes"], ["Silver backed jackals"], ["Siskins"], ["Skimmers"], ["Skinks"], ["Skuats"], ["Skunks"], ["Slender loris"], ["Slender billed cockatoos"], ["Sloth bears"], ["Sloths"], ["Small Indian mongooses"], ["Small clawed otters"], ["Small spotted genets"], ["Small toothed palm civets"], ["Smiths bush squirrels"], ["Snakes"], ["Snake necked turtles"], ["Snow geese"], ["Snowy egrets"], ["Snowy owls"], ["Snowy sheathbills"], ["Sociable weavers"], ["Sockeye salmon"], ["South African hedgehogs"], ["South American meadowlarks"], ["South American pumas"], ["South American sea lions"], ["Southern black backed gulls"], ["Southern boubous"], ["Southern brown bandicoots"], ["Southern elephant seals"], ["Southern ground hornbills"], ["Southern hairy nosed wombats"], ["Southern lapwings"], ["Southern right whales"], ["Southern screamers"], ["Southern sea lions"], ["Southern tamanduas"], ["Southern white crowned shrikes"], ["Sparrows"], ["Spectacled caimans"], ["Spiders"], ["Spoonbills"], ["Sportive lemurs"], ["Spotted deer"], ["Spotted hyenas"], ["Spotted wood sandpipers"], ["Spotted tailed quolls"], ["Springboks"], ["Springbucks"], ["Springhares"], ["Spur winged geese"], ["Spurfowls"], ["Square lipped rhinoceroses"], ["Squirrel gliders"], ["Squirrels"], ["Stanley bustards"], ["Stanley cranes"], ["Starfish"], ["Starlings"], ["Steenboks"], ["Steenbucks"], ["Steller sea lions"], ["Stellers sea lions"], ["Stick insects"], ["Stick bugs"], ["Stilts"], ["Stone sheep"], ["Storks"], ["Striated herons"], ["Striped dolphins"], ["Striped hyenas"], ["Striped skunks"], ["Sugar gliders"], ["Sulfur crested cockatoos"], ["Sun gazers"], ["Sunbirds"], ["Sungazers"], ["Superb starlings"], ["Suricates"], ["Swainsons francolins"], ["Swallows"], ["Swallow tail gulls"], ["Swamp deer"], ["Swans"], ["Tailless tenrecs"], ["Tamanduas"], ["Tammar wallabies"], ["Tapirs"], ["Tarantulas"], ["Tasmanian devils"], ["Tawny eagles"], ["Tawny frogmouths"], ["Tayras"], ["Teals"], ["Tenrecs"], ["Terns"], ["Thirteen lined squirrels"], ["Thomsons gazelles"], ["Thrashers"], ["Three banded plovers"], ["Tigers"], ["Tiger cats"], ["Tiger snakes"], ["Timber wolves"], ["Tinamous"], ["Toddy cats"], ["Tokay geckos"], ["Topis"], ["Tortoises"], ["Toucans"], ["Tree porcupines"], ["Tropical buckeye butterflies"], ["Trotters"], ["Trumpeter swans"], ["Trumpeters"], ["Tsessebes"], ["Turacos"], ["Turkey vultures"], ["Turtles"], ["Two banded monitors"], ["Two toed sloths"], ["Two toed tree sloths"], ["Tyrant flycatchers"], ["Uinta ground squirrels"], ["Urials"], ["Verreauxs sifakas"], ["Vervet monkeys"], ["Vicunas"], ["Vine snakes"], ["Violet crested turacos"], ["Violet eared waxbills"], ["Vipers"], ["Vultures"], ["Wagtails"], ["Wallabiess"], ["Wallaroos"], ["Wambengers"], ["Wapiti elk"], ["Warthogs"], ["Water legaans"], ["Water moccasins"], ["Water monitors"], ["Waterbucks"], ["Wattled cranes"], ["Waved albatrosses"], ["Waxbills"], ["Weavers"], ["Weeper capuchins"], ["Western bearded dragons"], ["Western grey kangaroos"], ["Western lowland gorillas"], ["Western palm tanagers"], ["Western patch nosed snakes"], ["Western pygmy possums"], ["Western spotted skunks"], ["Whales"], ["Killer Whales"], ["Whip tailed wallabiess"], ["White rhinoceroses"], ["White spoonbills"], ["White storks"], ["White bellied sea eagles"], ["White browed owls"], ["White browed sparrow weavers"], ["White cheeked pintails"], ["White eyes"], ["White faced tree rats"], ["White faced whistling ducks"], ["White fronted bee eaters"], ["White fronted capuchins"], ["White headed vultures"], ["White lipped peccaries"], ["White mantled colobuses"], ["White necked ravens"], ["White necked storks"], ["White nosed coatimundi"], ["White rumped vultures"], ["White tailed deer"], ["White tailed jackrabbits"], ["White throated kingfishers"], ["White throated monitors"], ["White throated robins"], ["White throated toucans"], ["White winged black terns"], ["White winged doves"], ["White winged terns"], ["Wild boars"], ["Wild turkeys"], ["Wild water buffalo"], ["Wildebeests"], ["Wolf spiders"], ["Wolves"], ["Wombats"], ["Wood pigeons"], ["Woodchucks"], ["Woodcocks"], ["Woodpeckers"], ["Woodrats"], ["Woolly necked storks"], ["Worm snakes"], ["Woylies"], ["Yaks"], ["Yellow baboons"], ["Yellow mongooses"], ["Yellow bellied marmots"], ["Yellow billed hornbills"], ["Yellow billed storks"], ["Yellow brown sungazers"], ["Yellow crowned night herons"], ["Yellow headed caracaras"], ["Yellow necked spurfowls"], ["Yellow rumped siskins"], ["Yellow throated sandgrous"], ["Zebras"], ["Zorillas"], ["Zorro"] ]