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Free AIML Files - "No" set

Here is a set that I use in my patterns to cover the many ways people say "no" in English.

File Name: synonymno.set

[ ["No"], ["Nah"], ["Nope"], ["No way"], ["Sorry"], ["Not now"], ["Certainly not"], ["By no means"], ["I shall not"], ["Not likely"], ["No thanks"], ["I think not"], ["Unfortunately not"], ["Im slammed"], ["Not possible"], ["Not this time"], ["Not for me thanks"], ["Its not my thing"], ["I think Ill pass"], ["Not today thanks"], ["I wish I could but"], ["Maybe another time"], ["Im not interested"], ["If only I could"], ["If only it worked"], ["Ill need to bow out"], ["Im afraid I cant"], ["I don’t think I want to"], ["Thanks but no thanks"], ["Not now but another time"], ["Im honored but I can’t"], ["I wish I were able to"], ["Id love to but cant"], ["Id rather not"], ["I wish I could make it work"], ["I find the idea undesirable"], ["Sounds great but I cant commit"], ["No thank you"], ["We appreciate the offer"], ["Unfortunately its not a good time"], ["no thank you"] ]

I use this set in my patterns anywhere the word "no" would appear. Now any of these synomymns or mis-spellings will work without having to create a new category for each one - every time the word "no" appears in my patterns.