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Free AIML Files - "Yes" set

Here is a set that I use in my patterns to cover the many ways people say "yes" in English. The idea here is to use a set for my "YES" pattern so that I only have to write one category to cover all of the variations.

File Name: synonymyes.set

[ ["Yeah yeah yeah"], ["You bet"], ["Okie dokie"], ["Sounds good"], ["For sure"], ["Sure thing"], ["Of course"], ["Yeah yeah"], ["Very well"], ["Yes"], ["Ya"], ["Yep"], ["Yup"], ["YAS"], ["YAAS"], ["YAAAS"], ["YAAAAS"], ["YAAAAAS"], ["Totally"], ["Totes"], ["Sure"], ["OK"], ["K"], ["Okay"], ["Alright"], ["Alrighty"], ["Certainly"], ["Definitely"], ["Gladly"], ["Indubitably"], ["Absolutely"], ["Indeed"], ["Undoubtedly"], ["yeah"], ["Fine"], ["Affirmative"], ["Aye"], ["Forsooth"], ["Yea"], ["Verily"], ["Surely"], ["ja"], ["si"] ]

I use this set in my patterns anywhere the word "yes" would appear. Now any of these synomymns or mis-spellings will work without having to create a new category for each one - every time the word "yes" appears in my patterns.